7 Tips for Using Social Media for Mental Well-being

When social media is used to enhance existing relationships and forge new social connections it can help reduce loneliness1. Some research has found social media especially helpful for reducing loneliness among older adults2. These platforms can be used to share information and resources without limits of distance and time. They can also maintain social connections when face-to-face interaction isn’t possible, as happened during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Tips for Positive Social Media Use for Mental Wellness

  • Follow hashtags of topics, places, activities, nutrition, art and music or other things that motivate and ground you such as #mindfulness #selfcare #bodypositivity, #dailypoet etc.
  • Repost, share and engage with posts that are uplifting, rooted in gratitude or celebration.
    • Research among Facebook users has shown evidence of emotional contagion, meaning that emotions expressed by others on Facebook can influence our own, whether in a positive or a negative direction3.
  • Utilize social media as an outlet for creativity and self-expression. Follow accounts and hashtags for communities of artistic endeavors that inspire you or help you grow as an artist.
  • Focus on your real friends and maintaining connections, versus voyeurism which can increase feelings of loneliness and inadequacy.
  • Live your life. Remember that internet use should not displace offline activities, only enhance your social connections
  • Be analytical and selective about the information you consume and share. Evaluate the source, content and credibility of research or reporting and investigate information before you share. It is vital to be a smart consumer and understand and verify what we see online before we react to it and spread it.
  • Conduct a privacy checkup on your social media platforms so you are aware of what information is being shared with whom. Most applications and sites have privacy and security settings in their preferences or account menus.

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