Bamboo can provide a new source of protein similar to cow’s milk : Chinese study

It is one of the oldest and fastest growing plants in the world, but bamboo can also play an important role in providing a sustainable and nutritious food source, according to a team of Chinese scientists. nourishing the world’s growing population.


Bamboo shoots in particular have many health benefits, including high “cow’s milk-like” protein content, higher than many grains, according to an article published in the peer-reviewed journal Food Science & Technology Trends Products. .

Researchers are investigating this “underrated natural resource” as a possible future resource, according to the research team led by Wu Liangru, the paper’s corresponding author. journalist and researcher at the National Agricultural Research Center. China. .

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“Bamboo offers the potential for a sustainable food source and creates opportunities for trade and export, which can contribute to the growth of local economies”, say researchers. Research and write in magazines.

Highlighting the health benefits, they said bamboo shoots provide seven of the nine essential amino acids humans need. In fact, the amino acid content in bamboo shoots is higher than other vegetables such as carrots, celery and cabbage, while bamboo shoots also contain more iron than spinach and pumpkin.
Sprouts are also a good source of iron. Excellent carbohydrates like fiber, have According to the magazine, low fat content and are a source of many vitamins.

Scientists say studies have shown that bamboo shoots have the ability to prevent obesity, diabetes and cancer, while also providing antioxidant and antibacterial benefits.

“Activity Antioxidant activity is one of the most important features of bamboo shoots,” they said. said, explaining that the food contains compounds known to scavenge free radicals, which cause cell damage and are linked to aging.

“[Bamboo shoots] rich in protein, fiber, minerals, vitamins and a variety of bioactive substances,” Wu said.

The sprouts – which have a hollow, creamy yellow interior – can be prepared in many other ways including pickling, fermenting, drying, canning, freezing, processing into juice and powder, and cooking fresh like other vegetables.

Bamboo can also be processed into different ingredients to form “functional food ingredients” such as Fiber, which is added to foods such as baked goods and yogurt to promote health, the researchers added.

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