Polish farmers protest in Warsaw and set tyres on fire

Alarge-scale protest by Polish farmers began in front of the Prime Minister’s office in Warsaw on Wednesday, 6 March, where the protesters set fire to tyres.

It is reported that the farmers started a rally in front of the Prime Minister’s office at 11:00, hampering the traffic throughout the city. Access roads to the capital are also blocked.

Even before the rally started, there were reports of the first incidents related to the large presence of farmers in the capital. Among other things, tyres were set on fire in front of the Prime Minister’s Office, as well as a coffin symbolising Polish agriculture.

Polsat News reported that the farmers were carrying anti-Ukrainian posters.

“We are here to tell the Prime Minister about the things that hurt us, the things that he should know. The Green Deal, everything related to it, and the protection of Polish borders from the flow of uncontrolled products from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. This is what is crucial for us… This Green Deal is the end for all of us. If the government does not protect us, we will lose. Poland will disappear. We all stand united. There is strength in unity, we will not allow the farmers to be divided,” said one of the protest leaders during his speech

A large-scale protest in Warsaw started by started Polish farmers.

Media outlets reported that farmers were not allowed to enter Warsaw with tractors – barriers and spikes were set up to prevent them from entering the capital.

After their speeches, the protesters headed to the Sejm building to demand that Speaker Szymon Hołownia address them.

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