The 10 countries that will most likely survive climate change

From rising temperatures and sea levels, to worsened air pollution and droughts, no place or person on the planet is left untouched by the effects of climate change. However, there are some countries that stand to be less affected than others. Be it due to their location, laws, luck, or even all three, some nations are better equipped than others to survive climate change. To paint a more nuanced picture, the Notre Dame Global Adaptation Initiative (ND-GAIN) ranked the world’s countries across two metrics: vulnerability (their ability to adapt to climate change’s negative effects) and readiness (their ability to prepare for climate change’s ongoing impact). This gallery includes the ND-GAIN score, and the nation’s income group provided by the World Bank.


10. United Kingdom

Score: 70.1

Income group: High


9. Germany

Score: 70.2

Income group: High


8. New Zealand

Score: 70.3

Income group: High


7. Iceland

Score: 70.6

Income group: High


6. Sweden

Score: 71.4

Income group: High


5. Singapore

Score: 71.5

Income group: High


4. Denmark

Score: 71.9

Income group: High


3. Switzerland

Score: 72.9

Income group: High


2. Finland

Score: 73.9

Income group: High


1. Norway

Score: 75.0

Income group: High

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