Victoria Beckham’s fashion show disrupted by Peta protesters


Victoria Beckham’s show at Paris Fashion Week was disrupted by animal rights activists, who joined her models on the catwalk.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals group (Peta) said it was a protest against the use of animal skins in the fashion industry in general.

The demonstrators wore T-shirts that read “Animals aren’t fabric” and waved signs saying “Viva vegan leather”.

Victoria appeared on crutches at the show’s finale as she has a foot injury.

She was wearing a black protective boot on her left foot to match her all-black outfit. And despite her lack of mobility, she did a walk past fashion fans and critics in the front row, who included former Brazilian international footballer Ronaldo, a one-time team-mate of Victoria’s husband David.

She paused briefly to blow a kiss to someone in the crowd and mouth “thank you”.

While Beckham’s fashion brand does not use fur or exotic skins, Peta points out that some designs use leather.

Peta’s European president Mimi Bekhechi said: “No garment or accessory is worth violently slaughtering and skinning a sensitive and intelligent animal.

“We are urging Victoria Beckham to turn instead to the ethical and eco-friendly innovations available today, such as high-end leather made from apples, grapes, pineapples, mushrooms and more.”

Campaigners from the animal rights charity Peta are known for their disruptive protests, and regularly demonstrate at global fashion events – including in New York, London and Milan already in the current fashion season.

The show in Paris was showcasing the Spice Girls singer’s autumn/winter 2024 collection.

David Beckham said on Instagram last month that Victoria had hurt her foot during a “little accident in the gym”.

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