Habits that affect the brain negatively

There are habits that contribute to poor brain health and these habits tend to be a norm for many people. However, they are habits that are easy to change.

The human brain is the most important organ of the body which also requires exercise or training and nutrition for it to function well though many do not understand this but forming good habits and avoiding bad habits will prevent brain damage and keep it healthy.

What is a habit? It is a regular practice that most humans are dependent on without realising and some every day, seemingly harmless habits can be so bad that they can cause lasting brain damage.

The human brain is the most important organ of our body and we all fail to think that the brain also requires exercise or training and nutrition for it to function well. Thus, forming good habits and avoiding the following bad habits will prevent brain damage and keep it healthy.

For a healthy brain, the following habits should be avoided.

Sleep deprivation hinders the brain’s ability to perform normally; it leads to cognitive issues and temporary memory loss. Without enough sleep, certain brain cells die and it then becomes harder for you to remember things.

Eating sugary foods: High consumption of refined sugars is known to destroy the ability of the brain and body to absorb proteins and nutrients. Poor nutrition will lead to malnourishment and brain disorders like poor memory, learning disorders, hyperactivity and depression.

Skipping breakfast: The brain requires nutrients at the appropriate time to enable it function at its best as a result of the fast-paced lifestyle in today’s world; skipping breakfast leads to low sugar supply and poor nutrient supply to the brain.

Over-eating: It leads to brain damage through deposition of cholesterol plaques and thickening of blood vessels of the brain causing reduced blood supply to brain cells. It is found that overeating leads to Alzheimer’s disease, and obesity which can lead to depression and other psychological problems.

Smoking: It also leads to shrinkage of multiple cells in the brain and can lead to problems like dementia, Alzheimer’s and even death.

Sleeping with the head covered leads to increase in concentration of carbon dioxide and it further reduces the oxygen concentration in the blood. If the oxygen supply is poor, the brain functioning capacity reduces. You may feel suffocated and sleep deprived leading to fatigue and drowsiness.

Working when sick, lack of socialising, alcohol and no exercise affects brain volume

Exposure to contaminated chemicals/pollution: The brain is totally dependent on oxygen and exposure to harmful chemicals or polluted and contaminated air reduces oxygen reaches the brain and may lead to death of cells in the brain.

Premature Stress: When stress goes beyond your capacity to cope, it hinders the normal functioning of the brain and makes you feel low, depressed, angry, irritable and sleepless.

Lack of stimulating thoughts: People who do not think much or often enough, have shrinking brains. Thus, to maintain and expand the brain it is very necessary to think. Thinking, reading and writing will train and enhance the brain for better functioning and prevent from being damaged.

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