How to live a more authentic life

Unhappiness can occur when people aren’t living their lives in a way that is in harmony with their authentic selves. As we live in a busy world, it’s easy to fall into the endless cycle of work and household responsibilities and obligations. That’s when we disconnect from our true selves, our relationships, and the world around us. But by living authentically, we’re able to truly connect with ourselves and the people around us. And this can really benefit our mental and physical well-being in the long term.

So, what does authenticity involve, and how can we achieve it?

Embrace silence

When there’s a lot going on in our lives, setting aside quiet time can help you get back to your roots and recognize what’s important to you.


Practice self-awareness

When you’re talking to someone, are you really communicating and being true to yourself? Ask yourself this, and consider if you’re really being honest.


Be intentional

When it comes to activities, consider what you spend time doing and if it aligns with your core values. Also, is it really something you want to be doing?

Seek therapy

Being authentic is a complicated process, so if you struggle with being or knowing your true self, therapy could be helpful.

Learn to be vulnerable

Sometimes we don’t show our authentic selves because we’re afraid to be vulnerable. It can be hard to open up, but doing so is rewarding.

Ask questions

In relationships, try to move beyond the surface level and make significant connections with people around you. Be curious and ask questions.

Let your inner light be your guide

Connect with your inner light, and let it guide you when you’re faced with important choices and decisions.

Be your highest self

Remember who you used to be and who you wanted to be long ago. By doing this, you’ll detach from your ego and connect with your authentic self.

Find things you enjoy

When we’re passionate about something, it truly brings us alive. And that demonstrates our authenticity.

Speak your truth

If what you’re saying is spoken from a place of truth and positive intention, don’t censor yourself. Find your voice, and use it.

Connect with your shadow self

All of us have a dark side, or shadow self, with traits deemed as unpleasant or inappropriate. But it shouldn’t be neglected. Identifying and coming to terms with your shadow self can help you better understand all parts of yourself, and, thus, live authentically.

Let go of relationships that no longer serve you

Let go of unnecessary anxiety and guilt. Surround yourself with those who love you, believe in you, and want the best for you.


When we sit quietly and meditate, we can often gain insight into our next great step. And it’s usually an authentic one.

Live courageously

By living courageously, you expand your comfort zone. Sure, it’s scary, but that fear is ego-based.  Be open to new experiences.

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