How to trick your mind into feeling more confident

Feeling confident isn’t something that comes naturally to many of us, but there are plenty of things we can do to feel more confident in our everyday lives, and some of them are small, simple, and absolutely doable. Many of these little adjustments create a feedback loop that tricks us into feeling more confident. And when we feel confident, we are confident.


Speak positively

One of the side effects of confidence is positivity. One way that this can be achieved is simply faking positivity. Try your hardest to be positive in your speech.


Groom yourself

There’s a good reason people shave, get haircuts, and stay clean other than not making people revolt with the smell of BO. It’s to make ourselves feel better about ourselves.


Dress nicely

Sure, there is a lot to be said about looks and appearance not being the be-all and end-all, but dressing nicely, whatever that means for you, is a practical and straightforward way to feel better about yourself immediately.


Be kind and generous

Feeling good about yourself and confidence go hand-in-hand. Being kind and generous makes people feel better about themselves, and why wouldn’t it? They’ve done something good in the world!



Volunteering is a great way to help other people while building your confidence. Sure, it may not be the most noble reason to volunteer, but there’s nothing wrong with helping yourself while helping others


Speak slowly

Speaking slowly means that you are more deliberate in your speech. A person who speaks quickly and haphazardly relays to listeners that what they’re saying may not be of worth.


Stand up straight with your shoulders back

Our dopamine system, which rewards us by releasing dopamine when we achieve, affects our posture hugely. Someone who is insecure will stand hunched over. You can fake this. Stand up straight with your shoulders back, and see the results.


Try to get even slightly better at something

Competent people feel confident. Competence is usually achieved over a long period, not in a quick burst. Whether you are looking to be a better writer or sculptor, start small and work on it a bit every day. When you’re improving incrementally at something, you will feel more confident.


Write down every task you complete

As said before, confidence mainly comes from a sense that we have achieved our goal. You can improve your confidence by completing even the most minor tasks. For instance, actor Matthew McConaughey writes down every small job he does in a day (even using the bathroom) because it makes him feel like he’s achieved



Exercise is one surefire way of feeling more confident. There’s a reason why all those beefy gym buffs move around like they own the place.


Compliment yourself

Paying yourself a compliment when you look in the mirror every day will help you feel more confident because, eventually, you will begin to believe the compliments.


Try speaking to a stranger

Without creeping anyone out, try to force yourself to speak to somebody randomly. This will inevitably go better than you think. Good social interactions make us feel more confident.


Arm yourself by becoming articulate

Reading helps you to realize how imaginative you are and also improves your vocabulary. Any friction with others that you come up against will be fought out with words. Reading improves your speech so that you can stand up for yourself.


Martial arts are great for confidence

In the same way, martial arts have been known to help people feel more confident. When you improve your physical ability to protect yourself, you’ll also feel more mentally ready to take on adversity.


Try some breathing exercises

Practicing breathing exercises is a great way of battling anxiety, which keeps you from feeling confident. Try breathing deeply into your stomach for five minutes.

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